Beach Days

2 days holiday in the weekday was really the best birthday idea. We decided to take days off and went to the beach for a camping. Packed the moonlight tent, prepared the hammock, and put it on his amazing backpack which was never be used for one year. We were ready for that   short holiday!

2.5 hours on the motorbike was worth our journey. My boyfriend, mr. Monkey chose the right beach for our camping site, it was beyond my expectation. We went to Ngetun Beach, it was almost like a private beach since we were the only visitors there, but at night there were some old men sleeping at their huts. The beach has a hill, perfect to watch sunset and enjoy the breathtaking view.

When the sun set and moon started showing brighter light, we were just accompanied by sound of the sea and blinking stars. Driving whole day then reaching bumpy stone roads was quite exhausting and like two old people we decided to go to sleep at 8pm. This experience led me to be grateful for another day that we could enjoy happily, to blend in with nature to admire His/Her creations, and to spend special day together somewhere in the paradise.



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