It’s A Boy!

We adopted a beautiful little cat from animal shelter!

Initially, we planned to adopt a beautiful female cat. I completed all of the documents they asked me to fill and one of their volunteers, mbak Anun came to our house to check if our place is suitable for the kitten. The day after mbak Anun came to visit our place, Meena, the kitten we wanted to adopt passed away. She was too weak and did not survive.

Mbak Anun offered us to adopt another kitten if we still want to. After several days, in a sunny day, me and mr. Monkey went for a walk. During the walk, we decided to stop by at the shelter since the location was not too far from our house. There, we saw two beautiful kittens but could not decide which one would we take. We planned to adopt a kitten as a playmate for our tiger, Jimi Hendrix. We came up with idea to bring both of the kitten home and see which one would be better to be together with Jimi.

At home, Jimi was totally overwhelmed! He did so many actions, jumping here and there, rolling from this side to that side, and could not stop showing off. It took 3 hours for us to decide which one would get along with Jimi. The male cat was the chosen one.

They named him Aloha. He and his 3 siblings were thrown by human and being put inside of a box in front of students’ dormitory. The animal lover community brought them and took care of the kittens. Unfortunately, only him survive. Even on their instagram page, they stated that Aloha was already Rest In Peace, so when they said if we would be interested in taking Aloha, we got confused! It’s just the sign that he was the one for us. He also has a very cute purring sound like a pigeon.

We really felt sorry because we could not take the other one, Fini, to stay with us. She went back to the shelter with mbak Anun and we wished her all of the best to get the love from everyone.

If you are in Yogyakarta and want to adopt dogs or cats, you could check Animal Friends Jogja’s instagram page. They give all clear information for the adoption process; from filling the form, house visit, shelter visit, and deposit for the sterilisation for the animal. Remember, love the animals, be responsible, and always adopt do not buy ❤️

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