The Coolest Cat on Earth

My life totally changed when Jimi Hendrix, my ginger cat, showed me the amazing soul that he had. Our guests brought him to our homey hostel, they saw him on the street and asked our permission to give him a place to stay and being taking care of. Without doubt, we said yes, and it was one of the most beautiful decisions we ever made. He was name after Jimi Hendrix, as Highway Child was played when we were in discussion to name him. The first time we got him, Jimi was really in a bad condition; body covered with oil, eyes infection, sneezing, and skinny. It made him even special because we love him unconditionally for who he was. The beautiful ginger was 3 months old when we took care of him and his life continued, he became the part of our family, our little tiger.

Jimi was so intelligent, playful, attached to me, following me almost everywhere, and the most important thing is he was so pure. He changed my perspective about cats; I thought cats were bossy, busy with themselves only, and would attach and scratch you anytime. It was all wrong. Jimi showed me his affection toward humans, he was loyal, totally attached to me and my boyfriend, and he loved to cuddle. Very much. He would jump to our laps, just to stay there then fell asleep. He would follow me to the garden when I was gardening. He loved to sleep behind the Buddha head. He waited for me in front of toilet. He looked at me full of love, with his bright beautiful eyes. I never imagined that I would get such an honor to be his human mother.

Jimi Hendrix has left this beautiful world now.

He passed away on 15th of September because of a virus. He was so beautiful when the last time he looked at us. We brought him to the vet and he got the infusion, but it was too late… he had cat virus and we were not aware of that since it had no symptoms; no fever nor flu. We did our research and we thought it was his psychological issue because we adopted new kitten to the house. It turn out to be wrong… Some part of me has so many ‘only ifs’ running around my head. But I realized that nothing can be changed. I hope I can spread the awareness to all cat owners, do your research and always bring your cats to the vet once you realize something go wrong with them. Do not wait, bring it suddenly before it becomes too late.


He left us so many good memories, the best 2.5 months we could ever ask for. Jimi had such a great soul, he was so kind, totally amazing until the last moment before he has gone. Thank you for all of the good stories and cuddle moments we had with you. You have a very special place in our hearts, the coolest cat on earth. Jimi you died as a legend and you teach us to live life the fullest with a heart full of elegance and compassion.

Jimi we miss you..! Go backpacking beyond the universe, little tiger.


Aloha, Jessica & Nicolas

A big thank you to everyone who shared the wonderful memories with him and the love you gave to him.

2 thoughts on “The Coolest Cat on Earth

  1. My heart breaks hearing about your sweet boy….it’s obvious he was loved. It looks like even though his life was far too short it was very very full thanks to your love. He looks like a lucky boy and will always be in your heart =^^=


    1. Thank you very much, it is so beautiful of you, thanks. Yes, we got him from the street and he was really in a bad condition, but we loved him for who he was. He is now in a better world and live forever in our hearts ❤️


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