Introducing The Beautiful Village Where I Live

While the north of Yogyakarta is the urban hub of the city, I chose to stay now in the south that has a much more relaxed vibe, almost like I live in the country side but only 15 minutes away from the centre of all activities. This village, Kasongan, is famous for the masterful pottery craftsmen and more interesting things to be found; batik, furniture, workshops, weaving, artistic buildings, rice fields, – so many amazing surprises!

One of the many reasons why me and my boyfriend settled down in Kasongan is because of its beautiful village live. The rural ambiance is so strong and people are very welcome and warm to us when we walk pass by their houses. Widely known as a central for the ceramics in Yogyakarta, the quality is at its finest as it is being exported over the seas. The ceramics are often transformed into pot, vase, various types of statues, house decorations and souvenirs. The ceramic shops are next to the main street, yet the beauty does not stop there. The villagers who live in here are mostly work as crafter and they produce their home made ceramics at home. We love to walk around the village to find one or two new pots for out plants.

As the artistic spot, this wonderful village is not only offering the traditional artwork but also some locally traditional vintage interior furniture which are suitable to bring home. In here also I found many art galleries exhibiting the paintings or potteries.

After discovering around the village, we often go to the restaurant next to the bridge which has river view and good local food. It is our favorite restaurant! We are quite picky when it comes to hygiene of food, that’s why when we find good place to eat, we mostly will end up going to that places over and over again. So many choices of food to have in this village, let’s start with chicken satay, fried rice, gado-gado, martabak, or chicken curry!

I feel so nice to live in this area and also because we found amazing house to be home. Our house is situated in a small forest, surrounded by a sea of green that provides a refuge from the heat and the overwhelming city life. One word to sum up all of the feelings that I have : grateful ❤️

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