DIY Project: Leaf Print 

Living in a house surrounded by a sea of green somehow forces me to think creative. Countless time I clean my garden and sweep the ground with full fallen leaves. Many moments I would always ask myself “what can I do with all of these leaves”. Besides of having much free time, I really want to make myself busy with something nice, not just spending times on the internet.

In the meantime while waiting for my boyfriend, I scrolled through internet and stumbled on one picture of the leaf print. My mind was blown by the sparks of motivation to try this one at home!

Project: Leaf Print

Some materials and tools you will need:

  • Acrylic paints
  • Small brush
  • Small container for mixing the paints
  • Paper(s)
  • Newspaper
  • Leaves

Let’s create something!

– Collect the leaves

After wandering around my garden, I chose various type of leaves to try. I took the small ones since I printed them on A6 paper size and medium size that later I printed on A3 paper size.

– Mix the paint

I mixed 5 colors of the paint to get my most satisfying result; light green, dark green, light blue, dark blue, and yellow.

– Paint the leaf

I put the leaf on the newspaper and started to paint it with the mixed paint. I tried to paint them several times on different leaves before I got the one that I like the most. Next step, I laid the leaves on the paper then covered them with another page from the newspaper and pressed it gently. After 1 minute, I removed the leaf and dried them under the sunlight.

While waiting for it to get dried, I played with my little beautiful cat, Cicolino. He was around me during the whole process of making this art.

Here is the result of the leaf print. It becomes a nice piece of art and will add more collection in our home.

(It is also now my lock screen wallpaper!)

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