93 born kid, chose a path to study English Literature in college which landed me a job in office as a social worker expertise in Disaster Management and after 2 years working and experiencing being placed in a remote area I finally quit office.

My office hours was not merely 9-5, it was more flexible and sometimes I could call I dedicated my time only for work. There was a moment I needed to be ready at 4 am and another moment I could go to office at 10 am. I mostly got home at 7 pm or 10 pm – I chose it myself because I really enjoyed the WiFi my office provided -I did it because I did not want to go home and be alone, I prefer to make myself busy. I realized how many hours I spent at office and I know by heart that I am just not belong in any offices. My soul is always wandering far and beyond.

At the moment I am settling down in a golden cage and trying to fly.